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Eco Modular Systems - Garden Outbuildings

Garden buildings are fast becoming the best method of creating more space for an existing home. Be it an office, a gym, a chill-out area, a play room or even just for storage, we can provide the garden building solution for you. Garden buildings offer all the benefits of an extension to your home but without the disruption that building work creates. Our skilled designers and installers can create a building that suits your budget and style without having to modify your existing home layout. All it takes is a small area of land at the side or rear of your house to create the extra space that you have always craved. At Eco Modular Systems, we pride ourselves on being a ‘one stop shop’, this takes the pressure of constructing the building off you and puts it onto us. We are happy to undertake every aspect of the job, from site survey, planning and building regulations applications (if required), through to full manufacture and installation. We have standard designs to suit small and large scale projects and welcome any design ideas that you may have. To suit a budget we recommend one of our standard designs but if you are looking for a building to really stand out then we recommend letting our creative designers work their wonders on designing a special building that is unique to you.

Garden outbuildings are fast becoming the most popular method of creating extra space for a home. There are several reasons why outbuildings are being considered over extensions to the existing dwelling-

  • Creating a space away from the home to enjoy in the garden.
  • No disruption to every day life in the home during construction.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Extremely flexible.
  • Less electrical services required.
  • No authorisation required from the local building authority (conditions apply).
  • Less structural work required.
  • Excellent for any noisy activities; band practice, gym-work etc.
  • Can be a design totally removed from the existing building design.

As we appreciate that the locations of the buildings are mostly in our clients back gardens/yards, we make sure that we carry out as much work as possible in our specialist manufacturing facilities to create minimal disruption on site.

Please take a look at our standard designs.

Garden Outbuildings

We have a large range of materials for all applications which can be mixed and matched to the clients liking. We also have our own experienced installers for every aspect of the build, making sure a professional finish is attained every time. Examples of the range of materials we offer can be seen below-

External FinishesExternal Timber Cladding

  • Timber cladding in various profiles and orientations e.g. vertical, horizontal or at 45 Degrees.
  • Plastic polymer based composite panels.
  • Cement polymer based composite panels and planks.
  • Vertical hanging tiles/shingles.
  • Aluminium profiled sheeting.

Internal FinishesInternal Timber Cladding

  • Veneered MDF boards.
  • PVC cladding panels.
  • Veneered chipboard.
  • Plastic polymer composite panelling.
  • Cement polymer based composite panelling.
  • Timber cladding.

Roof CoveringsEco Roof Covering

  • Single ply rubber membrane.
  • Aluminium sheeting.
  • Felt shingles.
  • Felt roll.
  • Plastic composite panels.
  • Sedum (grass-like, plant based).

Windows and doorsWindows, Doors and Fixtures

  • Aluminium.
  • UPVC.
  • Timber.
  • Single, double or triple glazed.


  • Standard white PVC.
  • Aluminium.
  • Chrome.


  • Standard white PVC.
  • Aluminium.
  • Chrome

We can provide a varying level of service for the outbuildings from supply only of the basic framed structure up to delivering, erecting and finishing the building and handing over the keys.

Please contact one of our design team for any queries you may have.